First of all, I “heart” my rain barrels.  It saves money in more than one way.  With the dry Raleigh summers these days, you can’t have enough water on hand. Plus, my plants prefer the natural water as opposed to the treated city water.

The question I asked myself is: can you still maintain your rain barrels in the winter?

While we are fortunate in NC to have mild winters as a rule, it does dip into some freezing temps in January–this week already has offered a few sub-32-degree days. Brrrrr….

I did some research and it appears if you put them facing south you should be ok.  I need to dig up my handy-dandy compass to find out.  I will try it and see and let you all know if I have any issues.  I would hate to have all that awesome rain water to go to waste.  Boy, has it been soggy this fall and winter…

I did find this cool site from the Wake Forest government on FAQs of rain barrels…they are selling some too, but seem a little pricey to me.  I will say, if you are on the fence…buy 1, not necessarily these, but get them.  You won’t regret it.  Some people even make them, my friend Ryan made a couple for me, and after seeing this fellow native North Carolinian create all his, I might have to consider expanding my rain collection solution.

Do you have any tips on rain barrels? Buy or make? Any interesting places to buy the materials at a good price? Any downfall to keeping the barrels with water during the winter?  I am going to try and see and let you all know about my winter experiment.

Cheers…to more water for the garden!