Hunkered down at the Blaisdell estates…too cold. Don’t get me wrong I love winter…in fact, I love that in NC you can experience all four seasons. It makes you appreciate each by comparison to the others.  But it doesn’t mean that I don’t treasure ‘lil reminders of seasons before…like homemade pesto from my summer basil.

Blaisdell Basil Summer '09

Ooh..look one of my garden friends…his name was “Blant Jr.” Gotta look REAL close to find him.

Anyway, I took my garden basil and made pesto and froze several jars.  They make great gifts…and great reminders of the freshness and beauty that summer brings with herbs and other edibles. Grill or bake chicken, cube and add in some pasta and you are livin’.

MKB Basil Pesto

Recipe is easy.  I used pistachios instead of pine nuts..they are cheaper and you can snack on them in the summer. And I use parmesean instead of percorino, just cause I have that on hand. Then just get some ball or kerr jars, fill and freeze.  I haven’t tackled canning yet, but freezing works!

What about you? Got any ‘lil tastes of a season you would like to share?