So a 60 degree day, allowed me to get in my garden.  Plus my heat went out, so that gave me a bonus excuse.

Today, I took my friend Chris’ s advice to use January as a time to clean up the garden.  To be honest, it has been so cold lately, I haven’t even wanted to get in my garden.  But today…I remembered why I heart my garden.  It has these indescribable rejuvenating powers…i just can’t explain it. Maybe it is the endorphines from some physical activity, maybe it is nastalgia of the spring and summer growing seasons…or maybe it is just the magic of the garden.  Whatever it is, I am hooked.

Here is some of the stuff I got out of my garden today…can you believe those damn dandilions still pop up in the winter.  I dug them up though.  I had a lot of leaves in my beds from the fall.  I didn’t get rid of them all…they serve as great mulch and organic matter in my garden. Cut some dead salvia back and my canna stalks, great for composting.

WInter Clean Up

And I realized that I had this handy little tool that I had to share.  It doesn’t seem like much and when my grandma gave it to me I sort of snickered inside.  But I figured out it’s unparalled use.  It is the perfect tool for getting some leaves out of your beds without damaging plants.  This little rake is the bomb.  It is light weight, and it stores fabulously–retractable.

Here is my mini rake.  Certainly not for the big fall raking chore.  But for this mid-winter little clean up job.  It is the ticket.  Oh and that is Jasper posing with the mini rake.  He is my labrodoodle we adopted from a friend’s mom.  He is my little garden helper.  Ok, he really isn’t that much help, but he does keep me company while I clean my garden beds.

Jasper and my mini rake

So, check another one off.  A mid-winter clean up session is complete.

Now, I got to get to ordering my seeds.