A friend of Melissa’s asked if we had any experience planting holiday Amaryllis outside.  Well–yes and no.  Many years ago my best pal Susan passed along an “outdoor Amaryllis” from her family home in Lillington, NC.  It looked like a Christmas Amaryllis but bloomed every June.  Multiplied even –a big, red, showy flower that seemed very happy in my garden. 

I’m sure I would still have Susan’s plant if I hadn’t moved it so much trying to find the right spot for it.  I could never make this flower  that I associated with Christmas blend in my spring garden.  But maybe that’s just me.    

Another question is how well the Amaryllis bulb will rebound.  Flowers that have been forced for indoor bloom rarely do well for me outside.  Even super-easy paperwhites will sulk, produce a little foliage but never rebloom .    I think altering their internal clocks for a big show may take too much out of the plants..   

In the day, beautiful things (usually people) who were spolied, pampered and couldn’t take the real world were called “hot house flowers”      The old phrase came to mind  yesterday when I was lusting after some wildly fragrant hyacinths at Trader Joes.   A pot or two would look great on my coffee table and smell heavenly.  And that might be more than enough for $6.99.  But after a week–the compost pile. 

All that said–you should grow that (your holiday Amaryllis)   We learn from experimenting–so  plant it and see what it does.  If you have the great luxury of a cutting garden, you could plant the Amaryllis there, then evaluate after a year or two.    And by all means–report back.  Unlike me–you  may find the perfect place.