So all the sage gardeners advise you to look for plants with multiple seasons of interests.  What the hell does that mean?  It means to get the most out of your plant choice and garden all year round, look for plants that have “something” happening in as many seasons as you can.  Recap..there are 4 seasons, so a 4 season plant is rated super tops by pro-gardeners and ‘lil ‘ole passionate novices like me.

So my pick is the Nandina or Nandina domestica if we want to go all scientific. Sometimes called “heavenly bamboo,” but NOT a bamboo.  Important to note, if you ever consider growing bamboo in your garden don’t.  It will invade everything kind of like the pesky English Ivy, but another post indeed.

Back to the glorious Nandina. It is a true 4-season of interest plant.  Right now, in the winter mine still has the purple colored leaves from fall and the bright red berries that are hard to miss.  In the spring, new, bright delicate leaves will appear followed by white clusters of flowers. In the summer, the flowers turn to clusters of green berries, followed by the autumn turning of the leaves.  Repeat. There are many varieties from dwarf to standard (8-12 ft tall).

And bonus feature…it needs very little manicuring or care. Sun, partial sun, shade…this shrub will grow anywhere. Heat and drought tolerant. An annual fertilizing will do.  Pruning: simple, certainly no bonsai-like task.  Divide and move pretty much any time. Plus, you can grow in containers, in your yard, cut for flower arrangements…the list goes on and on.

It is the ultimate plant to grow and share.  It is prominent in Japanese gardens and is called the “friendship plant” there.

See why you should grow that!  What’s your plant must have?

Happy gardening,