I sure enjoyed the snow this weekend.  Jasper and I played a lot in the fluffy stuff

Jasper lickin' his lips after a delicious snow ball

All that you could see in my garden under the 4 inches were the tops of my garlic.

Garlic tops peeping out of the snow

Yes, you can grow garlic.  It is super easy.  Just go to your local grocery story, pick up a bulb. I picked up the organic ones, just to be safe.  Don’t won’t any of those pesticides in my beds. Break some cloves off and plant with the little tips pointing up.  I covered with about 2 inches of dirt, added a little all purpose fertilizer.  And watch them grow. They take about 6 weeks to grow.

When the snow melts I am gonna dig me up some.

What about you? Anything interesting peeking out of the snow drifts in your garden?

Happy gardening in the snow!