So when I used to yearn for a garden, I only thought of flowers and vegetables….

As I walked in my garden this morning, when the ground was brown and frozen and my shrubs look sad as they droop in the winter temperatures, but not the trees.  My trees stand tall and with authority.  Some have leaves, other’s don’t.  But what I noticed this morning is the bark.  Such personality in each tree.  The texture and the knots.  It reminds me of Clemmons State Forest.  I went there as a kid and remember the talking trees.  Okay, they really don’t talk…some sort of recording device activtivate with a push of a button.  But when I was young, they were magical.

Today my trees are magical too–even if they don’t talk.  They provide such texture in the garden. Which is important, when you consider what to plant and where.  Textures in your garden matter.  Contrasting, blending, complimentary…textures are a consideration indeed when you brainstorm changes you want to make in your garden.

I never would have guessed that my tree bark would be as awesome as spring’s blooming flowers.  But this time of year, they are the jewel in my garden.

Meet my trees. My, how their bark speaks to me:

Shug: My Mighty Maple

Matsuko--my short-leaf pine..her name means "pine tree child" in Japanese

Oakley--My White Oak tree

So I say, bundle up and take a stroll in your garden.  Gaze at your tree trunks.  What personalities do your trees have?

Happy Gardening!