So I just got back from my trip to California for work.  Now there were lots of long hours, festive beverages and mad productivity, but an unlikely inspiration triggers this post.

So my work team volunteered at the local Humane Society there…talk about an unbelieveable facility.  It was the Taj Mahal of humane societies.  They called themselves a pet community.  I have never seen anything like it…they must be doing something right, because it was so quiet.  No barking, meowing, etc…a very surreal experience indeed.

Here is the inspiration part. So we were getting a tour of the front lobby.  The lady said they got a feng shui expert to come in and help them design their entrance.  Of course I snickered and made the usual comment…”only in Califorina.”  But there was something to it.  The entrance had these curved sides as you walk to the front desk and the designer said…you should feel a warm embrace when you enter. sort of did.  It is hard to imagine, but there was something different about the vibe there.

So where am I going with this…well, when I came home, I thought to myself.  Something is definitely missing in my home.  And a trip to Lowes, helped me solve this problem.  Right now, they have these beautify large tropicals for $6 a piece.  I loaded up on a few, placed them through out the house…that was it.  I was missing a balance in my home…an organic one.  I still need to transplant them to formal pots, but instantly I felt calm, very similar to the humane society hug.

So don’t get down in the brown winter garden blues…bring the garden in. Add my tropicals to these wonderful fresh flowers Brice bought me for my safe return home…instant living force.

Don’t forget to water though.  That has always been my problem with indoor plants.  If they are dry to the touch, water. Voila! Instant feng shui.

Cool blue flowers from my honey love!

Remember as soon as your flowers start to die, throw them in the compost bin immediately, that represents negative energy.  Do the same for any potted plant too.  If one does bite the dust, replace it with a bigger, healthier one instead.  This replaces the negative energy and brings balance to your home.

Happy Gardening!