So I am getting ready for my first official seed starting experience.  I read what to order here. I have to admit, I had a bit of a seed shopping spree.  I really took Chris’s advice to heart…seeds= cheap= try it…what’s $2.  Ok, 2+2+2+ adds up quickly, just be warned.

My First Greenhouse

I got some hardy annuals, a couple of herbs, some tomatos, some leeks(I heart potato-leek soup), a few perennials among others..don’t worry you will learn all about my seed booty as I start them.

So for Christmas I asked for lots of gardening stuff, anticipating this moment.  In honor of the Olympics, this is my seed starting line. (BTW–my birthday is coming up, so if you are still at a loss for gift ideas–gardening stuff is always a winner..LOL)

Here is my micro greenhouse.  It is the cutest little thing. Not sure where I am going to put it yet, but it is small, so I am not worried.

Here is kind of what my first grow light will look like when I set it up….and, yes, I have already been asked…what are you going to be growing with that indoor light.  NO, it isn’t pot. No Cheech & Chong here…

I got this bad boy for a steal. I have been looking for awhile, because they are so expensive.  It was half the price of most I saw online and even though I paid shipping, it was still cheaper.  Choose the UPS ground and bundle some other stuff with it, so you take the most advantage of your shipping costs.

Working on my patience 🙂

I have these little seed starting trays.  I actually kept them from some of my annuals from last year.  I washed them and need to fill with “professional seed starting” soil.  Chris mentioned to use yogurt cups too.  (I wish I new that a while ago, I have been eating yogurt up like a storm–making mental note now, you should too).

So I hope to have something to share in a few weeks.  What am I missing?

I hope to have some plants to share.  So stay tuned!

Happy Gardening!