So this weekend was our first taste of spring…don’t be fooled, we have a little more winter left.  But, personally, it was so refreshing to experience a weekend of spring.  I took full advantage by taking long walks in the neighborhood and running errands for the house and yard.  A splendid weekend indeed.

I have to admit I was traveling along, and I saw all these early daffodil stems…and then I looked at my yard.  Nothing…I must not have the early bloomers. Does anyone have some recommendations on some early blooming daffodil bulbs?  Please share.  I will need to stock up next fall.

But on Sunday, after  I lamented my lack of daffodil display…I noticed something amazing emerging…almost overnight.  It was my hyacinth. These wonderfully fragrant gems are a “must have” in the garden.  I have a few near the entrance of the house and when these bad boys flower…you are talking about a sensory extravaganza.  When you walk out the front door first thing in the morning, you are greeted by a flower hug.  There elongated flower stocks are decorated with pastel petals that remind you of spring. Of course I don’t have enough, but this is my second season with these and it has been so easy,so rewarding, I will definitely expand in the fall.

They are easy to grow:

1-Buy bulbs in the fall

2-Plant before first frost–make sure you have a nutrient-rich soil

3-Add a little fertilizer

4-Wait patiently all winter

5-First sign of warm weather, they will emerge

I would plant them somewhere you will walk, so you can, not only, enjoy the brilliant display, but also smell the perfume–their claim to fame.

But if you didn’t plant any this fall, put it on your list.  And if you want a little glimpse of their wonder, you can pick them up now for $5-7 already blooming in a pot.  If you go this route, I would put them in your bathroom or by your front door entrance.  There is nothing like walking through a hyacinth cloud to take your troubles away.

So daffodil envy no more. I have my hyacinth emerging…can’t wait until they burst into full bloom.

Did you see anything emerge in your garden with the warm weekend?  Do you have a must plant that emerges or blooms this early?

Happy Gardening