Sounds like a line from a bad 80’s romantic comedy, huh?

Well, it is true.  I have such a hard time committing when I garden.  Ok, true confessions, my yard is mostly grass…how boring! And not even good grass at that…but for another post indeed.

So I am a little jealous of Chris’s path…it is dramatic and beautiful.  But for me a super BOLD move, hence why I have no path.

Here are my fears that keep me from making the leap:

1)Bold move, could mean expensive…and what if it doesn’t look good?

2)I just don’t have the vision.  You know some people can visualize things…i just don’t have that.  I have this problem in junk shops and yard sales too.  I want to find something and transform it.  But that is where my imagination falls off a cliff.

3)Hard scapes…brick, stone, 2X4, old railroad ties, slate pieces….i just can’t do it. Believe me, I have gone to those places that sell this stuff.  Even the best sales person couldn’t get me to commit.  Plus, there are so many choices….

4)Lack of knowledge…what if I pick a plant there or a bush here and it is the wrong spot and the other stuff I mix it with doesn’t have the same needs. Yikes!

So that is my true confession…I just can’t commit. How about you?

In response to my own neurotic sparring, I pledge to take baby steps.  As the weather warms, I will pick out one spot in my yard and transform it.  I will do some homework, finally get the nerve to commit at the hard-scape place and share the progress with you all. How about you? Ready to take a baby step? Take the transform-one-corner-and-commit-challenge with me?

Happy Gardening