Friends are going to get tired of me praising this plant.  But every morning when I wake  up, stagger into the kitchen and look out the window, I see a big  spray of pink blooms against the grey woods.  Prunus mume has been delighting us for about a week and a half now. 

It is so cool even my husband– not a big guy for flower-praise–says it is  so  cool. 

Prunus mume is a splendid plant that blooms BIG when almost nothing else does.  I bought my first one about 20 years ago when I was lucky enough to stumble into Kai Mei Parks at her Orange County Nursery, Camellia Forest.  

I had never heard of Japanese Apricot until Mrs. Parks said–You should grow that–  Fortunately I was smart enough to listen.  Also smart enough–or maybe it was just dumb luck–to put it in a place where I would see it first thing on winter mornings. 

Ok, I have made my share of dumb garden mistakes, but meeting really acompolished gardeners and taking their advice was NOT one of them.   Kai Mei was so right.  I should grow this plant…and you should too. 

I don’t know why it took me 15 more years to add 2 more  Prunus mume, but the newest additions are  a darker pink.  I believe they are Kobai. 

Here’s the link. .  And sorry, Kobai is sold out for the season.  Gosh–that makes me want it even more. 

But there are other varieties–and I have a new path to plant around.  

Yea, I should grow that–More.