Remember when you had a school field trip…you were so giddy with excitement to discover something new and there was this feeling of wonder…well, that is not lost after you grow up.  Chris and I went on a field trip this weekend and we were inspired to write a slew of posts from our adventure….here is just one.

The Parade of Hellebores!

So I think we have established the specialness of a winter garden…but Plant Delights Nursery and Juniper Level Botanical Gardens personify it–the specialness, I mean.

Check out the pictorial display.The ultimate winter flower…Hellebores.

Chris talked about Rockstar Gardener Tony Avent, but here is my take on him and his operation.  First of all, the place is secret, or at least it feels that way.  It only opens 8 weekends a year (limited access). It seems only insiders know about it (Chris is such an insider and she shared it with me). And when you try to find its location…GPS will NOT get you there.  It is in a place called Juniper Level, who ever heard of that.  Enough about Tony…on to the garden.

So the field trip…WOW is the word that comes to mind.  There was an extravaganza of Hellebores, or Lenten Roses…and not your grandmama’s Lenten Rose…no, exotic ones: green with red lining, Deep Purple blossoms, White with purply, pink speckles, double flower, triple ones…I over heard a lady describe them…they are a “humble beauty.” It is one of the very few plants that bloom throughout winter up until April. Wonder indeed.

We walked the grounds and there he was, on his groovy cool patio.  He was wearing a flannel shirt and a tobagan.  He looked so normal…certainly not a world reknown landscape artist, cultivator, plant preserver….oohh…I wish I had my Sharpie…Chris actually talked to him…I have video…but you will have to wait.  Enjoy the pics of the rare Helleboress for now.

…to be continued…

Happy Gardening.


P.S. Definitely go on more field trips!