So after my true confessions post on my inability to commit in the garden…I am happy to report with “a little help from my friends,” I have a vision laid out.

First some guiding principles for this vision:

1-I’m on a budget. Let’s say $200. TOTAL. That is the price of a round trip plane ticket to Boston…and I have been there several time.  I can give that up for a tropical oasis.

2-Must use what I have, can find or receive.

3-It has to be functional–believe me…i tried to plant a plant on a corner once and Jasper disregarded the new planting, since it was his fav corner  to cut.

4-It doesn’t have to be all done immediately.

Ok..that’s the stuff.  Creating manageable goals are key, but reducing the investment makes it seemingly less risky.  Plus…it is a challenge and I never turn one of those down.

Here is a video of the vision. It was inspired by “The Blaisdell Tiki Lounge,” aka my back deck. This is version 2, actually…I have to thank Chris for helping me visualize.   That is the hard part.  Most people probably would have used rope or a hose…not us…we used full on logs…good afternoon work out.

So I am going to walk the paths for a bit.  Really wait for it to speak to me a little.  Then..will map out my action plan. POW. BANG. ZOOM.

I have now committed…have you?

Happy Gardening.