This is a tragic incident that has been featured in several local news outlets, and I thought I would share. Although there is no warning on the packaging….Cocoa Mulch is produced by Hershey and can harm dogs or cats. And it has been stated that 50% of dogs that have eaten the mulch have suffered harm from the mulch, some even death.

Cocoa Mulch is sold by Home Depot, Foreman’s Garden Supply, Target, and other garden supply stores and contains an ingredient called Theobromine (lethal to dogs and cats).  It smells like chocolate and really attracts dogs. Theobromine is in all chocolate.

Go to this web site for more info:

As for me, I go with the old reliable…triple shredded hardwood mulch…and you can never have enough.  Mulch insulates plants from the heat, retains moisture and, most importantly, keeps weeds at bay.

Sp please garden safely and if you have pets, don’t opt for the Cocoa Mulch.

Happy Gardening.