So I did what Chris told me in Seed starting 1 and 2. But it seems that I just go too much moisture in my plants.

Killer fuzz! Too much moisture!

I went to check on my mini-greenhouse of fun and OMG…there was fuzz on several of my little seedlings and they were super dead.  I shed a lil tear, but then I remembered that death is apart of gardening.  And if first you don’t succeed: try, try , try again.  So the moldy crap only knocked out a few of my plants.

I should have known by the condensation on my plastic greenhouse panels…

So here are the steps I took to save from future killer-fuzz.

1)I opened the front flap of the greenhouse.

2)I moved the fan closer to the plants

3)I removed the plastic on the remaining flats

4)I drank a beer to drown my sorrows and live to garden another day.

So don’t be intimadated by the killer fuzz or any other reason your plants kick the bucket.  Just shake it off and keep on diggin!

Happy gardening!