If you are anything like me, this warm weather makes me want to get “my garden on.”  So if you are looking for something to do, you can always prep your veggie or flower beds.  I wouldn’t jump the gun to plant summer veggies yet, just in case there is a frost.  The ‘ole farmer’s almanac says this year April 15 is the last risk of frost, so I would wait until then just in case.

But that doesn’t mean there isn’t stuff to do. This weekend I am going to prep my beds.

1)Going to get some more topsoil–I get the bags for this sort of project.  They are easier for me to pick up without killing my back.

2) Going to use my compost, but will probably need to get some too.  I get the cheapest and my veggies still grow.  I tried that black cow stuff for $5 a bag–didn’t really notice a difference, so decided to stick with the cheapo stuff.  It is just poo anyway.

3)Get some slow release fertilizer too.

4) Get mulch for later…remember mulch is key!

Then I will put the soil and compost in the wheel barrow and add some slow release fertilizer, mix and then dump it all in my beds.  I just layer on top of what I already have left over from last year.  I also always have the mixture ready to fill in when I transplant new plants.

So if you are itching to get outside this week…I say prep work should be on the to do list!

Happy Gardening!