So I was looking for something to do on this glorious Easter weekend, so I checked the April garden events and what did a find…a gem, access to the Joslin Garden.

I must admit, I had never heard of this place before.  Apparently the 4.5 acre garden was donated to the JC Raulston Arboretum by William and Mary Coker Joslin, who cultivated this wonderland since 1950.  It was full of native and exotic plants and had an array of styles as you toured the grounds.

Honestly, it felt like I was on vacation touring a hidden treasure in another place.  It felt like one of those activities that only people “in the know, ” know about ;).

So what was flowering–daffodils and tulips, camellias, Carolina Jasmine, Star flowers, irises and azaleas.

Apparently,  an offspring of Chapel Hill’s Davie poplar resides there.  The location was certainly in the swanky part of town.  There were super-houses every where you turn…but I ignored all of that and indulged in the natural beauty.

Some of my favorite sites where the trillium…oh, how I love them so.  There were bunches on a lower embankment juxtapositioned next to a babbling brook. And the gigantic beech tree was amazing.

There was this flowering peach that was absolutely dazzling and a cherry tree that did not disappoint.

My favorite part was all the diversity…in display, formal and informal, blooming, budding and just emerging from their winter sleep.  What a jewel…right in my own backyard.  Definitely, a must see if  you have the time and you catch it open.

Enjoy the weather and happy gardening.