High yellow pollen clouds are not the only thing this wacky weather has produced…it has sped up the flowering process for my spring herbs and veggies.  Shucks!

So it is important that you eat your herbs and veggies before they flower, otherwise they lose or change their flavor  and/or their texture changes for the worse.  So if you are like me…you have more than you know what to do with since the growing season has been compressed…so let me help you with a few recipes for your cilantro.

Try this cilantro lime slaw….it is certainly not yo mama’s slaw.  It is fresh, delicious and uses up my cilantro.  Plus cabbage is cheap–I got mine from the farmer’s market for like $.59 a head. The recipe is as follows–it is from the Weber “Way to Grill” cookbook we had baja fish tacos with it this week.  Yummy!

Cilantro Lime Slaw:

3 cups very thin sliced green cabbage

3/4 cup of cilantro

1/4 cup pf mayonnise

2 tablespoon of fresh lime juice

2 teaspoons of sugar

1 teaspoon of canned chipoltle chile in adobo, minced(be careful this is hot stuff)

1/2 teaspoon of kosher salt

The next morning I had some more cilantro, so I toasted an english muffin, added laughing cow spreadable cheese and then sprinkled chop cilantro on top.  Fresh and scrumptious.  The next morning I had a boiled egg with—you guessed it–chopped cilantro and salt and pepper.

This weekend I am going to pull out my summer trick with pesto, instead I am going to make chimichurri and place in jars and freeze…I can see it now…A warm summer evening, big thick steak sizzling on the grill…and ready-made chimichurri…what a delight.

So what do you do with your cilantro?

Happy gardening!