Having a good workspace for the garden is critical.  Your space can make or break your joy of gardening..believe me I know.  Last year I worked off a fold-out table on the deck, It was a bad height for me and it didn’t have any shelves so everything was getting jumbled, plus it was in the sun…terrible place to get your garden on.

That has changed thanks to my wonderful husband and father-in-law.  So here is how it went down– for my birthday in February, my father-in-law sent me professional draft plans for a garden workbench–custom made for my height. BTW, he is an old school draftsman. The he visited a couple of weeks ago and he and Brice built in one day this incredible workbench.

It is made of cedar so it smells good and will weather nicely. I placed it in the shade and now I am cooking! It is awesome.  Plus, I can add on as I get my garden groove on–a hook here or there, possibilities are endless.  So I have been giving it a major workout these days and it is glorious.

Key takeaway here, your garden workspace matters.  The more you enjoy planting, the better the overall garden experience.

Happy Gardening.