So before you tell yourself that there is no way you can buy the discounted plants on the sales rack at your mega garden mart, check out my success with $1 plants from last year.

First a philosophical aside-

When I tell people that I am a co-author of this blog, they immediately say, “well, you must have a green thumb.” I tell them I didn’t, and I don’t always, and it isn’t about “green thumbs.” It is about education and attitude.  I have killed a many of plants, but the important thing is to learn from your mistakes, learn from others and keep on trying.

Anyway…back to the $1 story.

Last year I was at Lowes, and I saw these $1 clematis.  Normally, I say to myself, “It takes a special person with a green thumb to bring back those…no sense in wasting even a $1.” Well, I took a chance, I bought 4 clematis for $1 each. I remember telling Chris about my find…she said in her usual supportive style, “Good for you, you can do it…and hey, if they don’t work…you are out what? $4.”

So I planted them in my garden with no real expectations.  And last year, nothing really happened. I actually forgot about them because of no visible activity.

But this spring, my patience, good soil, fertilizer and water paid off.  Check them out.

So the lesson here, is gardening is a set of instructions and luck.  Water, food, soil and sun…different combinations apply, but those are the 4 elements.  So go on…take a chance…next time you walk by that discount garden rack.  Buy it… The payback is incredible.

Happy Gardening


PS: Did you love that rain today? Woot Woot!