So many things are blooming it’s hard to pick a favorite–still my Jerusalem Sage stands out. 

First it’s huge.  Phlomis lanata has been  in my garden at least 15 years and it just keeps on growing, weaving its silver leaves in and around the roses with out overpowering them.   That’s the second reason I love it.  It’s big, but not too big.  Spreads out rather than up and plays with other plants beautifully.     The third reason is its sliver color.  Nice contrast and evergreen.  Jerusalem sage can survive our southern humidity while a lot of gray-leaved plants (like many lavenders) melt.     

And finally, in spring there are beautiful yellow blooms.  Yellow is a great garden color.  It makes the red roses redder, the purple irises–a deeper shade of purple.  Jerusalem Sage in bloom sets off the rest of my flowers.  

Great plant! Look for it a good perennial nurseries like Big Bloomers in Sanford.    Jerusalem Sage (Phlomis lanata)–you should grow that. 

One more tip–you don’t need a trellis to grow clematis.  Try growing them through open shrubs like roses and Jerusalem Sage.  They’ll look great together.