So I was chatting with my family yesterday as we wound down our Mother’s Day celebration, and my dad was telling a dramatic tale of these “killer opossums.” They weren’t really killer ones.  He was talking about seeing these 2 sets of eyes in the darkness…that ended up being opossums and startled him.  Of course, I asked him what in the world was he doing in the dark, he replied watering my plants.

I said, don’t you know…you aren’t supposed to water at night. I couldn’t remember why I knew that so I did some digging. Watering at or after nightfall can make your plants susceptible to fungus and mildew.  If your plant leaves don’t have time to dry it can lead to bad stuff or even death of your plant.

Here are tips to help you water your plants successfully:

1) Water in the morning.  It is the coolest part of the day. It offers water for your plants before the sun beats them.  Plus, you will save water by not losing it to evaporation.

2) Mulch around your plants. It retains the moisture longer.

3)If you must water after work, be sure that you water in time for  your leaves to dry.  A better alternative is to use a soaker hose so the water goes straight to the roots.

4)Be sure to water when the soil is dry.  If your plants are too wet, it may lead to root rot and bye-bye…

5)Use rainwater as much as possible.  Not only is it a great conservation tip, but plants prefer it.  If you have city water like I do, the processing and chemicals are not the best for plant health.  They like the all natural stuff.

6)Go with a drip…the gushing of the hose often runs off and the root system that needs the water gets short-changed.  Get a watering can with lots of little holes.  Or a soaker hose is a good alternative.  I prefer to use the watering can so I can use my rain water.

Happy Gardening.