Thanks to Lisa for the picture of holiday Amaryllis blooming outdoors in her May garden.  She weighed in on the Amaryllis debate back in the winter ( ) and here’s the photographic proof that you can grow these gift plants outdoors in the South–one of 6 Amaryllis blooming last week. 

I think the “6” is a key part of the story.  Amaryllis are so showy, they’re hard to blend with other flowers.  One would look out of place, but 6 planted together in a limited space look great.   Since people usually give you one or two, I never would have thought of multiples.  Wrong.   No wonder I moved my Amaryllis plant until it died. 

I was impressed.   But then Lisa is always impressing me with her garden.    She can grow trilliums (and grew up with a gardening mother who knew all  the latin names).    I’m  jealous.