This spring I have really concentrated on evolving my backyard.  I am working to overcome my fears of commitment….more on that in my next post.  Remember the tropical garden video post? Well I am making progress with the project and 1 key element were stairs off the front of my deck.  Well, a friend or ours came over when we were talking about building the new stairway and gave us a fabulous idea…why not build a platform deck off the stairs.

So we decided to go with it.  My husband, Brice, got one of those “how to” sheets from Lowes.  We set the date and enlisted some help.  When I came home on a Friday afternoon from work…it was done. a 12 by 12 deck addition.  If you think about it, we added a whole new room to our house…just outside.

So about 3pm on Friday, our friend Ryan came by, followed by my dad.  Brice had the materials and a 12 pack of beer…you know pyament for the labor.  The framed it, screwed down the boards in about 2.5 hours…they did run out of screws, so there was another trip to the store.  We made choices to make it easier and faster.  By just going with a the size of the boards, prevented a lot of cutting or tools. We used pre-fab cement piers.  The stairs came later, but with the pre-cut stingers that was like a 30 minute solo project for Brice.

It is amazing what a difference extra deck space does.  We have sat out every evening over our outdoor fireplace(which we got for $20 on Craig’s list). Since it is beside the new tropical garden, we decided to put up ticki torches for a more Hawaiian theme(ahh Hawaii…fond memories of lush jungles on Kuai..I highly recommend it).  Plus, the deck allows us to really sit in the garden….instead of before we were above it.

So that was all it took.  A little 1 sheet, $500 worth of materials, 3 people(and their drills) and a 12 pack of beer.  So consider adding a platform deck…you will not regret it.

Happy Gardening