Rain, glorious rain, fills my wheel barrow

I feel rich.  We came home from the beach to find the garden lush and green–the rain barrels running over.  

It was a very different picture when we left.  The garden was so dry–despite my watering–I almost didn’t go.  

But good rain changes everything.    

Even the most mundane chores become very pleasant when the ground is wet and the plants are happy.     Here are 4 things I like to do after a long, lovely rain.  

Pull Weeds.  It’s so satisfying the way weeds come out of the  wet ground roots and all.  This is wonderful time to clean up your beds.  No tools needed.  Just grab and pull.  

Spread Mulch. Mulch retains moisture so I always like to spread it when the ground is nice and saturated.  And you don’t have to move a truck load of shredded bark around.  Use newspapers, cardboard, grass clippings–anything to make this wonderful moisture last.   A couple of my beds were mulched with Christmas cardboard in January, then covered over with leaves.  It works.  

Stake, Thin and Groom.   It is best to stake before plants fall over, but rain always brings something down.  I keep a stack of bamboo and metal stakes in tool shed for quick fixes.  Getting plants upright quickly is important.   Half a day on the ground and they will start to twist toward the sun.  This is also a great time to pull out extra seedlings and share.    Plants don’t just come up easily after a rain, they go back down well too.  It’s a great time to transplant.  

Relax and Enjoy.   Gardening is hard work–but  a good rain makes it sooo much easier.   Walk around your garden and drink it in.  Well done.