This is my favorite part about gardening…the growing part.  It just took last week and this week’s rain to show massive results for my veggie garden.  All my veggitable are exploding and just today I noticed squash flowers already!!!!  You know what that means…squash!

So what is happening:

My tomatoes are killin’ it.  I have even seen some flowers there. This is my largest crop ever with 15 plants.  I know it seems like overkill, but nahh…I have started researching recipes and I have already reserved time with my Grandma to show me how to can…oohh…there will be a post to follow don’t you worry.

I am harvesting my sugar snap peas this week.

My sugar snap pea tipi

My lettuces are all exceling. This is the first time I have tried arugula and butter crisp.  I can’t wait.

My peppers are growing strong, with a couple flowers on my Jalapeno–by far my most prolific producer last year.

Going to get rid of my flowering italian parsley and put in some fresh I grew from seed.  I learned through experience last year to plant extra for the monarch butterflies.

As for my flower beds–My blue, red and white salvia are blooming, a few of my hydrangea, my petunias and impatients of course. And my cone flowers are showing lots of promise…if I can keep the bunnies away. My Bears Tongue and Bears Breeches are blooming too.

Bear's Breeches

Blue Salvia

While I still have to place my drip hoses in the right places and mulch, all and all…it is getting about that time to just watch it all happen.

So that’s me showing off my garden, what about yours?  What’s blooming? What’s happening?  Share with us!

Happy Gardening!