So I was chatting with my friend over Memorial day weekend on my new deck and showing off my garden.

Le deck

She has recently moved into her first home and is all fired up to dig in.  I was giving her some advice..imagine that…the newbie giving advice.  Here are the things I shared that may help you keep those overachieving, garden blues away.

1) You don’t have to do it all at once! Unless you have some major cash and want to invest in a landscaping crew…which would totally take all the fun out of it.  Your garden is an evolution.  It’s organic.  It changes throughout the seasons. And if you want to enjoy the journey, then take your time, enjoy and don’t rush. I promise it will be there in the morning.

2)Prioritize the space that you will enjoy most. So my front yard has really nothing exciting going on.  I mean it is tolerable, but nothing to write home about.  But my backyard has been my focus.  My backyard is for me.  It is the space I hang out in most.  So, I focused on that.  You remember the deck post, and the vegetable garden show off post.  That’s what I am talking about…my lil urban oasis. Remember my blog co-writer Chris’s post on looking out and plant for those views. Go ahead…be selfish. Garden for you!

3)Start with something easy. I have turned on several naysayers to gardening with a simple summer garden.  They are extremely easy and so rewarding.  I love to cook my own veggies and herbs.  There is nothing quite like it.  And all you need is a little sunny area (or BIG pots even), some good soil and compost, some seeds or seedlings and water. Hell, don’t even go for the full garden, try tomatoes.

The Veggies

You don’t have to tackle all your english ivy at once. This one has been nagging me.

You only need a few rules to live by in the garden world, most importantly, garden for you.

Happy Gardening!