I owe it all to my puppy who gets me up early.   Outside it is cool and  quiet.  The garden is beautifully backlit as we walk the paths, pull a few weeds and see which daylilies are blooming today.  

This time of year, it’s my favorite flower–Hemeorcallis

How can I love a  plant with blooms that last  only a single day?   Well, that’s really  the beauty of daylilies.  If you grow a bunch of them, your garden is always changing–and changing dramatically– because there are some really flashy, gorgeous daylilies  out there.  

Daylilies are made for the South.  Low maintenance, drought tolerant, almost pest free, today’s beautiful hybrids are  descended from the orange lily that grows on roadsides and the edges of woods.  How tough is that?

Hybridizers, both pro and amateur, have had a field day with this plant.  There are literally  thousands of named varieties, each with different colors, petal shapes and sizes.

I grow about 20  kinds of daylilies–actually more than I have room for–some struggle in pots.  Most of my plants came from friends or the Raleigh Hemeorcallis Society Daylily Sale

Blog partner Melissa couldn’t belive it  the first time I took her to this annual daylily grab.    Great boxes of plants, dug from the gardens of club members.   You can’t  shop until the whistle blows.  And then–all the plants are gone. 

It’s the fastest plant sale I’ve ever been to so make sure to get there BEFORE it starts.  Stake out your number one choice and stand it front of it.  People are passionate about daylilies, but polite.  I think Melissa expected a fight. 

The sale is usually the first Saturday after Labor Day so mark your calendars now. 

And do try to get in some early morning gardening this month.    It’s a peaceful, satisfying way to start these hot, muggy days and a great way to stay connected with the garden. 

A few notes about daylily culture:  Part sun in my garden but full sun is better.  I plant them where I can see the blooms from the house–but not in a high profile spot, around the mail box for example.  While daylilies are fantastic in bloom, the rest of the year they are sort of boring.   To combat this sea of green, I  interplant my daylily bed with salvias, Rudbeckia and other good companions.  And it the spring, daffodils bloom all around the domant daylilies.

PS.  Jaycee park on Wade Avenue in Raliegh has a great daylily garden.  It’s behind the main building and it’s in full bloom right now.  Lots of varieties with labels so you can window shop.  A great, free field trip.   Check it out.