Sick tomatoes--I should have noticed before


Ok it’s ugly.  It even sounds ugly.  No one likes to see their lovely baby green  tomatoes striken by blossom end rot.  But it’s a common problem.  Fortunately,  the solution is fairly simple.  

If the bottom of your tomatoes start to brown like these Romas, go to a good hardware store or garden center and pick up a product called STOP ROT.   Follow the bottle directions–mix with water and treat your plant.    Then pull off and throw away the sick tomatoes so the plant can grow some nice healthy ones. 

Blossom End Rot is caused by a calcium deficiency.  Moisture extremes also contribute to the problem, so don’t forget to water your tomatoes, especially if they’re in pots.  

And keep an eye on your plants–always a good idea.   Happy Gardening.  And the first ripe tomato wins–

One of the healthy tomatoes on the same plant. After treatment they should all stay this way--