So I have to thank my blog partner Chris for keeping up the dialogue while I have been on a brief Bonnaroo hiatus.  Bonnaroo is a 3 day music and arts festival in Manchester, TN.  It was great but super HOT.

So what does a wild music festival have to do with gardens, you may ask.  Well, surprisingly a lot.  First let’s talk about Bonnaroo’s efforts in composting. Several years ago Bonnaroo made a commitment to “green” up.  They require concession vendors to only use compostable cups, plates, utensils, etc.  Yes…corn cups and forks, I kid you not.  All the garbage locations have sorting stations: compost, recycle and landfill, plus are worked by a “trash talker” that helps you decide how to sort your trash.  The clean up crew, called Clean Vibes, actually take the materials and diverts them to the appropriate location.  Through these efforts, the festival was able to divert 30 tons from the landfill and create this monster compost pilot.

Bonnaroo Compost Pile AnnaB--owner of Clean Vibes

Then the organizers stopped to think…what do we do with all this compost.

Well, they decided to use it and plant a community garden around the Bonnaroo post office in Planet Roo.Then they took one step further and offered a 3 course sit down meal for patrons that used herbs and veggies from the on site garden.  The next add-on was sponsored Gardening Classes…

Bonnaroo Victory Garden

And finally a little political slant to the garden scene at Bonnaroo.  So the notorious Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream is at it again, fighting for social change through ice cream.  They created a new Bonnaroo Buzz ice cream flavor and were prepared to sample the flavor for free at the festival this year, until…another genius idea…the festival offered free postcards to Congress encouraging them to pass the Community Garden Act, Bill HR 3225, that offers federal grants for communities throughout America to start community gardens to feed their communities with fresh fruits and vegetables and reduce gas emissions from shipping produce long distances.

While I was away, I have to thank my mom and dad for keeping my gardening lookin’ fine and growing well.  I harvested 5 giant jalapenos yesterday and some squash and zucchini. And all my tomato plants have tomatolettes on them…yum yum. Can’t wait!

Happy Garden!