A pick-me-up after a week of brutal heat–freshly painted chairs in a cool bright green.

No more shabby garden furniture.  I moved the peeling chairs out of sight until I can repaint and repair them.    And no more dark greens and blacks.  I’m tired of having my outdoor furniture disappear into the shadows.    This week I went for POP–

The chairs are inexpensive–made of treated wood.  (I bought them from an old man in the country)  The paint is the best I could buy–Behr paint and primer in one, EXTERIOR.  The color –green energy. 

Love it.  The bright green brings out all the foliage–(which is looking good after this week’s cool down.)   Like the name says–it energizes everything. 

So if your garden is looking tired, get a can of bright paint.  Garden furniture is  about more than a place to sit– it’s line, form, color,  art.   Make it pop. 

Here’s how I painted my chairs–(which was a lot easier than I thought it would be)

1) Went to the Big Box Store (Home Depot) and talked to paint guy.  He was helpful.  Said I needed primer for wood that had never been painted.  Said I needed EXTERIOR.  Said I needed semi gloss because the more gloss the “stonger” the paint.     Recommended the paint and primer in one product. 

2) Roughed up the wood with my little Mouse Sander.  This is my favorite power tool.  It fits my hand well and gets in small places. 

3) Wiped the chair down with a damp cloth to remove dust and let it dry. 

4)  Put the chair on a tarp and painted one side, watching for drips on the other side as much as possible.  Then I let it dry enough to handle it–

5) Flipped it and repeated the process.

6) I used the sander again to get out any drips I missed and put on a second coat, making sure I covered everything well.  Paint is all that stands between my chairs and rot so I made sure to really slap it on–covering  the bottoms of the legs especially (where moisture would seep in from the ground)

7) Let the chairs dry at least 24 hours in the garage and moved them into place. 

It may sound like a lot of work…but not really.  Most of it is done in quick busts of activity–with lots of drying time in between.    So find a place where you can set up your paint station and leave it if possible.  Not having to drag out tools and tarp every time makes the job go much faster. 

Now–I’m loving the view out my kitchen window–What about you?  What’s your cheap summer quick fix? 


Note–My chairs face the woods instead of back toward the house. If your property is large enough, or you have a borrowed view, looking out is much cooler than looking in.  It makes everything feel larger and makes you want to explore.