I was starting to wonder.  While my red jelly bean and yellow jelly bean and cherry tomatoes have been prolific…my Goliaths have taken forever to produce.  But well worth the wait.  This is the ultimate tomato sandwich specimens.

Tomato Sandwhich Nouveau

Ode to the tomato sandwich, those not from here or haven’t been here long, probably turn your nose up or your brow in curiousity. But for me the classic tomato sandwich makes me glow with pride.

Here is my Classic tomato sandwich recipe:

A BIG tomato–you can use Goliaths like mine, or many use Beefsteaks in slices

2 pieces of White bread (I do use white wheat and cheat a little for added nutrition)

Dukes Mayonnaise (Light)–and, yes, it has to be Dukes

Salt & Pepper to taste

One of my summer staples…

Recently, I created a little twist on the above.  I call it Tomato Sandwich Nouveau Recipe

1 whole wheat english muffin

1 individual triangle of Laughing Cow Light Cheese

BIG tomato slice

You toast the english muffin, spread the cheese, top with slices of fresh summer tomato and salt and pepper to taste.  So creamy, yet so low in calories…about 140 calories for the whole thing!

Try it out with your latest harvest.  Anyone else have a favorite tomato sandwich twist?

Happy Gardening