Yea, yea, the holidays are months away but if there are gardeners on your lists, this is time to buy.    One–your brain is in the right place.  We’re all deep in gardening, watering, reality mode.  Plus there’s lots of useful stuff in stores and much of it is on CLEARANCE.  

The Garden Supply catalog  just arrived with some nice discounts on one of my favorite gifts–good metal stakes and plant supports– 

Years ago I treated myself and my pal Susan to several sets of nice stakes and I enjoy them all summer long.    After at least a decade they still look like new.    And they are super convenient.  No one has time to run out and buy these things when the plants flop in a storm.  

Green metal plant supports blend with the foliage and keep my garden looking good all summer long--

Over at Plow and Hearth (a Virginia company) my trellis is on sale– with wing&cur_index=&pcode=1426 

I have the Montebello Trellis  with wings.  And it looks really fine against the large, boring back of our garage.   A steal at 78 bucks.  (Check the North Hills store to see if you save on shipping) 

This metal trellis only looks expensive--and it's marked down 20 bucks right now--It makes a boring wall look a whole lot better--

My sister is smart about watching the clearance shelves at the neighborhood Target.  About 4 years ago she loaded me up with 4 super big pots–one of my all time favorite gifts.   Lots of pots are a deal right now.  Shop around but make sure what you buy is weather proof.  The target pots  made from fiberglass ( or similar material) have been great.  

Can you ever have too many nice big pots? My little sister bought four of these on clearance and gave them to me one Christmas--Yes, she does spoil me

Plants may not look their best at holiday time, but I always want to buy daylily lovers  a load of  new varieties at the Annual Raleigh Hemerocallis Club Sale, and pot them up for gifts.   This is a real gardener-to gardener gift.  They will love you for it next summer.   

This sale usually happens the Saturday morning after Labor Day.  Mark your calendars and later in the month–I’ll confirm with more details.  It’s a really fun sale. 

Other good gift ideas if you see them on sale–plant tags. Most gardeners really enjoy these but rarely splurge on their own.   

Any other good garden gift suggestions and bargains out there?  And yes, when you’re buying for a gardener, a gift of mulch is more than acceptable–it’s down right cool.