Remember when I wrote back a couple of months ago around vines? Well, in case you didn’t, here is your chance to catch up. But I wanted to share the double bonus of these vines.  Not only do they provide lush greenery backdrop. They can hide any ugly wall or fence.  Handy little suckers.

So here is my Moon Vine–big, white majestic flowers that bloom in the evening and only last for that night

Moon Vine Giant flowers

My Cypress Vine–Fiery, hot pink, reddish petitie trumpets

Cypress Trumpets

The Lab Lab–a spike of purple flowers dancing among the heart-shaped leaves.

Lab Lab flowers

And the best part about these plants it the fact that they are annuals.  Soon the will die down, I will compost the vines and plant again next spring. Why is that the best part…cause some vines have a bad rap, i.e. like the japanese honeysuckle and Kudzu to name a few.  Annuals are easy to control and you don’t have to commit forever.

As the season transitions, enjoy the last summer blooms.  Get ready to welcome the next season…autumn.

Happy gardening.