I heart the rain.  I want to thank all of you who danced around a jug of water like I did after my rain dance post.  Bravo! Let’s remember this for the next time we need rain.

I also was able to do some massive clean up before the rains came this weekend.  The cooler temperatures inspired me to get out and dig.  So check out my vegetable garden clean up video to inspire your weekend plans.

Add these three things to your fall vegetable garden prep list:

1)Dig up and compost ragged summer vegetables

2)Prepare the soil for the fall crop. Till or shovel at least 6 inches deep. Add in new soil, compost, fertilizer mix.  I usually do half soil and half compost. I follow the directions on the slow release fertilizer.  I like to mix it up in my Wheel burrow like a cake and dump it into my vegetable frames.

3)Make your list and shop for seeds to plant.  I am going for some greens–collard, turnip, Kale, cabbage. I am going to try beets again, although my crop this year totally fizzled.  And I will triple my planting of dill and cilantro.  I didn’t have enough this year at all.

Happy Gardening.