Unlike me--Basil loves the heat

The long hot summer is  finally over–but don’t tell my basil crop.  I’ve got enough beautiful new growth for another batch of pesto–just three weeks after cutting these plants back “hard”.  

I love pesto.  And this is my last opportunity to stock my freezer for the cold months ahead.  

It’s one of those things I make without a recipe.  Many years ago, Chef Titina at Capri Flavors (the Italian market and cooking school in Morrisville) taught me how to “eyeball” my pesto.  (Titina never measures  but cooks by taste, practice, and instinct) 

Over the years, I’ve varied the portions to suit our liking–but I still don’t measure.  My advice to pesto makers is JUMP in.  Pesto contains 5 great ingredients.  It’s hard to go wrong.   

And if you don’t do nuts, try combining and freezing just two ingredients: your homegrown (ground) basil and good Olive Oil.  It’s a wonderful taste of summer for pizzas, pastas, soups and salad dressings.  

Here’s a video about how I learned to make pesto in Italian cooking school.   It’s just a little over 4 minutes–