So you are probably she crazy? Writing about a plant that flourishes right after a fabulous shower, although there is no rain in sight? No, I am not crazy.  Because even though we haven’t had rain in a short while, these rain lilies (zephyranthes candida) are tops.  Mine came out in full force when it rained last and are still blooming strong–more than 2 weeks now.

I have white ones now, but picked up a dozen pink ones at Camellia Forest the other day.

This plant is pure magic in spring, summer or fall.  After a rain they make green thickets with clusters of white (or pink) flowers.

  • They are bulbs, so now is the time to plant.
  • They prefer well drained soil…so yes, add a layer of good soil to that nasty NC clay we are all plagued with…
  • Plant in bunches…you know kind of like daffodils…they look so much better together.
  • Dig 2 inch hole, and 3-4 inch apart
  • They can handle full sun to partial shade…such an amenable plant.
  • I have heard and read they can grow 6-10 inches tall…I think that is about right, so plant them in front of beds so they don’t get lost by taller plants.

Have limited space, rain lilies can even be planted in for your next container addition..consider the low maintenance rain lily.

Happy gardening.