February Gold Daffodil looks great in the woods

You can spend a lot of money buying spring-flowering bulbs–a lot of money.  Just think about the annual  tulip show at Duke Gardens, or Biltmore’s Festival of Flowers–and imagine what all those bulbs cost.   

But I am not one of American’s wealthiest, so I start out with a budget–

Here’s how a spent my 100 dollar bulb budget this year:

1) I focused, deciding where my bulbs and my money would go.  Setting priorities is hard, and it’s taken a lot of practice, but bulbs are small.  You need a large number to make an impact.   (I’m on a budget, remember?  Amazing how those lovely catalogs make it so easy to forget)

2) Since I’m focusing my resources in my new woods beds, I picked bulbs I knew would do well in those conditions.  I also tried to visualize my new purchases in the rougher ground under trees and shrubs and pick things that would bloom at different times in the Spring and extend the season of interest. 

3) Where you buy your bulbs matters.  I steer clear of impulse buys in big box stores and order from  reputable bulb companies.    Terra Ceia in Pantego Nc is a favorite, and where I placed this year’s order.  Their quality is high–their prices are low and shipping is reasonable–just 12.50 total. 

Love the Spanish Bluebell in my Tar Heel woods

4) I picked just 3 varieties.  Yes, it was hard.  But think about the woods, picture them in your mind.  Great swaths of plants, right?  Not two of these, 5 of that.  I planned for woodsy clumps  and bought:

  • 50 FEBRUARY GOLD DAFFODIL–The second daffodil to bloom in my woods and very welcome every year.  I love it.  It likes my Southern Garden and seems to fit in the woods–not fussy or frilly.
  • 50 SPANISH BLUEBELLS–(Hyacinthoides hispanica ) Another plant that looks like it belongs in the woods.  Makes beautiful blue clumps.  Spreads.  Great in a small vase.
  • 50 TREVITHIAN DAFFODIL.  An old fashioned Jonquil, it’s a clear lemon yellow with a  wonderful fragrance.  I have a small clump out front and I’ve always wanted more.  So while I may not be getting EVERYthing I want this year, I’m an getting something I’ve always wanted. 

    Simple and woodsy with great fragrance--

It’s  still more than a month until  blub planting time, but this is the best  time to order (before the popular varieties  run out).  So Blog-partner Melissa and I made a pact–order our  spring bulbs today or at least this weekend. 

We’ll keep you posted–literally.