I love this plant!

First the mum–I’m afraid it has no name.  Garden teacher and writer, Pam Baggett. who shared it with me many years ago  called it “Pass-along Apricot Mum”.  

For a while, I thought my flower was “Clara Curtis”.  But walking in my neighborhood today I notice that Clara had collapsed, while my mum is still going strong.  Clara is also more pink than apricot.  My  apricot mum  is prettier than Clara which means my mum still has no name.  

So  you’ll have to get it from me, or Pam or  blog-partner Melissa, or pal Kristen or one of  the other gardeners we have shared this wonderful plant with over the years.   

Make a note now–ask for the mum. 

Part two of this post–Fall Colors,  and I don’t just mean the leaves on the trees.   

Colors deepen as the sun slips to the south in the fall.

 Have you noticed  how rich the flower colors are this time of year?  Reds, purples and blues really shine in the lower spectrum light of Autumn. 

Penta and Perellia look stunning side by side

And  yes, it is time to put in the pansies, snapdragon, Dianthus and other winter annual transplants.  I always try to set them out before October ends.   But after the long hot summer, my flowers are finally thriving again. 

Coleus of many colors--

 They’re  so beautiful right now I can’t bear to pull them out.   

Maybe just one more week.