After years of tending his banana tree, my husband Bill finally has a crop of bananas.  Too bad the frost will get them. 

Bill’s banana tree survives our winters, but he’ll never have an edible fruit crop–unless he builds a giant green house like England’s Kew. 

 Still, the tree is impressive.  Its huge leaves  look green and fresh even on the hottest summer days.       In spring, Bill cuts it back, we drag the waterlogged stems to the compost and the banana grows bigger, thicker, from 0 to 15 feet in a season.  It’s a cool plant.

Another cool plant that the frost will get–all these stunning coleus. 

Coleus are super easy to propagate–so I always make cuttings and carry them over in the house. 

These coleus cuttings came from my sister who brought them down to the beach earlier this month.  

I didn’t have any soil, so I rooted them in water. 

My next step is to get them out of these vases and into pots. 

I will do this gradually, adding potting mix to my jars of cuttings every week until the plants are growing in soil.  Try it.   Your grandmother probably propagated her plants this way. 

PS–Not all bananas are cold hardy in Raleigh.  Look for zone 7 or 8 on the tag or ask someone who grows bananas for a start of their cold-hardy variety.  They spread.