White blooms on my Cherry Tree--very cool

If I could grow only one small tree, it would be the Autumn Flowering Cherry–Prunus subhirtella “Autumnalis”.  In bloom right now, it has a big flush of white  to light pink flowers  in the spring, another round of blossoms in the fall and often puts out  a few blooms to lift my spirits right after Christmas.  (These are the best of all)

A great tree for the edge of the woods

My tree is about 20 years old, and about 12 feet tall.  It’s planted in the edge of the woods–I’m sure it would enjoy more sun–still the shape is nice.   This is a great flowering tree!

Only two questions come to mind about Prunus Autumnalis–why you don’t see this wonderful plant more often, and why I only have one.   

Which brings me to another fall favorite–Camellia sasanqua (Wm Lanier Hunt).  I’ve raved about this favorite shrub before, so I’ll let my  photos do the talking this time.

Typical blooming branch--Mr. Hunt

 If I could grow only one shrub, Wm Hunt would be it. 

Wm Lanier Hunt

Favorite fall border plant?  Salvia Van Houttei–the original garnet red one.  This is a wonderful color and a big, bold plant for the season.   It’s tender in our climate (zone 7b) so I dig it up and carry it over indoors.  Worth the trouble?  You bet.  Wouldn’t be without it. 

Best salvia, year after year after year

Remember the old (and true) saying–All gardens are beautiful in the spring

 Plan for a garden that shines in other seasons–like fall–a great time to garden in NC.