So as I stated when I started this whole gardening adventure, the first thing a newbie must overcome is death in gardening.  Most people who have tried gardening and discontinued will tell you…”I kill plants”  or  “I have a black thumb.”  They try something and it dies and then they quit.  Well, I am hear to tell you that death is just a part of gardening.  And even the best gardeners have done it not once…but several times.  So if you have killed something and quit….get back on that digging horse and try again.  You just passed your first gardening test.

R.I.P. William Hunt Camellia

So how did I do it this time?  I say this time because I will continue to kill….not intentionally just in the normal course of gardening;)

It was the drought this summer.  Yep, life got in the way. I also placed it so far in my yard, I literally forgot about it.  As blog partner Chris will tell you…that William Hunt Camellia is tough of nails…well, look at it this way…that makes me superman (hahahahaha).  Plants just can’t live without water and usually that is the source of most plant deaths….either too much or too little water.

So here is the simple secret to keeping your new shrub from kicking the bucket:

TIP: Water–you must water any new shrub religiously for 2 years.  This allows their little roots to establish. You should water extensively when they are first planted and water manually when you receive less than an inch of rainfall per week.  Invest in a rain gauge.  It will help you keep up with it.

So that’s how it all happened.  I admitted it.  Now time to move on.  What about you? Do  you have a death and gardening story you want to share?  It’s ok…we have all killed a plant before.

Happy Garden.