It’s time…make that past time to reset the gardens for spring.  I used to do this big re-org in October, but this year, I couldn’t bear to pull my splendid annuals up.   Until today–warm, dry, with rain on the way–prefect conditions for this gardening job in Wake County NC. 

It's hard to pull out these towering celosia, but the garden needs to be replanted before really cold weather comes

Why dig and divide?  It keeps plants in bounds, vigorous and gives gardeners a chance to refine, improve and share. 

Not every plant needs dividing–but these Rudbeckia have formed a thick mat. 

Five plants became one, these black-eyed Susans need dividing

First–I dig them up in clumps

Next–Slice through the clump with my shovel blade

Pull into quart sized plants–I use my hands for this

Then replant in well tilled soil, or pots to share. 

Here’s this garden BEFORE and AFTER.

 Note that my little dooryard garden is what’s called a Mixed Border.  It contains annuals, perennials, shrubs, evergreens and ornaments.  As I plant and replant I try to include something of interest for every season.  It’s a balancing act, which is why I look forward to resetting every fall.  This little garden just keeps getting better. 

So what plants do you have to share?