Tis the season of giving and so I thought I would put together a short list of items to give your gardening friends and family.

Bundle for Dramatic Garden Gift Display

  • Shovel–a good one is key
  • Bow saw–it may sound funny, but this has been the best tool for me to clean up small saplings.
  • Pruners—You need a good set.  I have a regular one by fiskars (man, they are sharp and do the trick) but am asking for some long range pruners this season
  • Dirt & mulch–every gardener needs these–a gift certificate to Lowes or Mulch Masters would be a very practical gift. Plus, it isn’t fun to buy these things for yourself…leave the discretionary stuff for them to explore new plants, etc.
  • Compost turner–my compost didn’t seem like it was breaking down as fast as I wanted it to…the more I read, the more I think I need to turn–they have special tools and here is a good one.
  • Mini indoor greenhouse–I got this last year and it was the best gift.  I used it all winter and through out the spring.  Really cool and not too expensive.
  • Slow release fertilizer—Yep that Osmocote is expensive and you never have enough of it.  Give the gift of nourishment. You should give fertilizer.
  • Indoor Bulb Sets-help get gardeners through the winter season with these easy kits–amaryllis and paperwhites are the most popular
  • Gift Certificates to local nurseries—this is a great one…just when the weather turns…people are ready to buy.  It gives them something to look forward to.
  • Garden class–there are several by local nurseries, NC State extension office or you can always sign up for Tony Avent’s  classes.  They sell out, so give them the gift of learning this holiday season.
  • Plant Supports/Curving Stakes–this is one people don’t even know they need.  I put this on my list, because I didn’t know I needed them until this year.  I liked these–any others out there?

Stocking stuffers ideas

  • Packs of seeds–Park Seeds and Totally Tomatoes are good ones–less than $2 a pack…perfect!
  • Garden gloves–I love these thin ones like these.
  • Plant Labels

Here are just a few ideas…what about others? Anyone want to share your holiday garden gift ideas?

Dig On!