Tis the season for my Oak Leaf Hydrangea.  In November its big,  vibrant pink-purple leaves are the best color in the front yard.  This great shrub also blooms in summer but Fall is the season I love it best.  Outstanding.

In the back woods garden, the Burning Bush are the stars.  So tough they never need water, these big vase-shaped shrubs are bright red amid the greens, browns and yellows of  other leaves.  Best color in full sun, which I don’t have.  Pretty stunning color under our Wake County, NC  trees. 

Most of us know Nandina and its bright red berries–which spread all over and make tons of new plants. 

My favorite Nandina is the yellow berried variety.  Wish it would spread a little more–the berries are sterile.  Stunning plant.

Butchers Broom is tough as nails, evergreen, grows in sun or shade and makes wonderful bright red berries.  Great for cutting at holiday time–just wear gloves.  The plant is as thorny as it is pretty. 

Beside the butcher’s broom, Poets laurel (Danae)   A slow-growing shade lover, it’s also evergreen and great for cutting.  Nice orange berries, a pretty plant that stays in bounds. 

Finally, Winterberry, the deciduous holly.  Leaves fall, berries stay.  Need I say more.  This variety is Sparkleberry.

When I first started gardening, I focused on flowers. 

It didn’t take long for me to realize there was much more out there–like leaf colors and berries.  They make my fall gardening even more fun.