In this season of excess–a quick post about the best $1.49 I’ve ever spent. 

Yea, $1.49, mere pocket change for the best spring flower I grow. 

Larkspur is one of the Hardy Annuals, a class of plants that do best in the south when they’re sown in the fall. 

Frosts make these plants, stronger–their long stems stockier.  In May, they bloom in long showy stalks of cool colors. 

June heat completes the cycle.  These cool weather annuals hate high temps.  They go to seed and die.  But they’ll re-seed all over your garden.  Buy them once, and you won’t have buy them again for years. 

Hardy annuals resist transplanting, so rake them in where you want them to grow.  I always get my  the seeds in before Christmas.  Right now,  I’m just waiting for a warm dry day. 

These seeds came from one of my favorite local stores–Stone Brothers and Byrd in Durham.  A great place for gardeners to hang out, they do more than sell the products we need–they give lots of good advice.  I like the newsletter, monthly tips, and I love supporting a store where the people know what they’re doing (and know many of their customers by name)

Check out their bulbs and organic products–but I bought the last of their larkspur seed.  Here’s a source for value priced seed and another small family owned business run by passionate gardeners–The Fragrant Path P.O. Box 328 Fort Calhoun, NE 68023   ( I love their dark blue larkspur, pictured below)

Deep Blue Larkspur in my garden last spring from a winter sowing

The minimum order is 5 dollars, so why not try some annual poppies, too.  Money very well spent.   You’ll thank me in the spring.

By the way, I did spend only $ 1.49.  The seed packs are a BOGO special at Stone Brothers–how cool is that!

A friend gave me the seed for this stunning Hardy Annual Poppy--Wow!