I rarely put out cardboard for the recycle man–It’s too useful  to give away. 

Pull off the tape, flatten it, and you have the best “Landscape Fabric” around. 

  • Use cardboard to smother invasive ground covers like Lirope.  Dig out the big clumps, cover the ground with cardboard, then mulch with gound-up leaves to make the bed look tidy.   I reclaimed the bed outside our bed room window this way. 

    Last year's Christmas cardboard (under mulch and leaves) keeps lirope from coming back (and taking over this bed again)


  • Use cardboard to make new beds.  Smother the grass or weeds with cardboard, cover with mulch and let nature go to work.   It’s a really effective tool when I’m taming briar patches in our woods.


  • Use cardboard to plant under trees.  I have a raised bed under a thirsty  willow oak that is built on top of a layer of cardboard.  By the time it breaks down, the shrubs will be established enough to battle off the oak (I hope).  At any rate, they  have flourished in this spot for years–thanks to cardboard. 

Right now my flattened  holiday shipping boxes are getting rain/snow in a Christmas night storm.  They’ll be nice and pliable next week when I can get back out in my Apex garden.  Thanks Santa….

And please, share your garden recycling ideas.  This is a good time of year to be mindful of what we can reuse–

Happy Holidays and thanks for being a part of our garden community.  Can’t wait to order seeds, can you????