Tis the season for New Year’s resolutions, but I don’t like to call them that.  For some reason it just seems cliche and therefore so easy to quit.  So I call them goals, instead.  I am not going to pile them on like a big pile of autumn leaves, instead I am going to start with one and then add on as the opportunities present themselves.

My first–plant more evergreens and strive for more structure.

Now is the time the evergreen plants shine.  The temperatures have officially frozen all the other plants. They look a little sad, but it is the circle of life.  More importantly, it really points out the structure or lack of structure to your garden.  And I must admit, the floppy frozen tropicals are super revealing.  I remember Tony Avent first talked about structure during one of his winter open house days.  He said everyone has a beautiful garden in spring and summer months, but the test of a great gardener is the winter and a garden structure.

Winter is the best time to check your structure.  It is all about balance.  Looking around at my garden–the summer glorious tropical garden now looks empty.  So that is one on my list to revisit.


Tropical bed in need of more evergreens


Next my backyard border–it kind of looks like a blank canvas, I again I didn’t realize how empty it was.


Border garden needs some evergreens


Here is how I am going to start:

1)Take pics of the beds I want to re-plan.  Then print them out and put them in your garden journal for future planning

2)Research good southern evergreens (feel free to share your favs to help)

3)Start drawing plans to experiment.

4)Set a budget and get started.

I will keep you all posted on my progress.  What are your New Year’s garden Goals?  I find if I don’t write them down they aren’t real.  So here is me writing them down and putting together a plan to make it happen.

Happy Gardening—even in winter.