I love seeds, seed catalogs, seed companies…and it makes me feel good that there are so many out there–

But  a sensible gardener is also an editor–and worthy as all those seed companies are, I can’t order from them all.

Here are the three companies I picked for this year’s seed order and why:

`1) The Fragrant Path in Ft. Calhoun NB.  www.fragrantpathseeds.com

My number one source for flower seeds, they specialize in fragrant, old, fashioned, sturdy bloomers that have stood the test of time.   All seed packets are 2 dollars.  The company is small, family owned, but the  selection is fantastic.  82 web pages of wonderful, often hard to find seeds.  Print out the order form and send it in with a check.

2) Pinetree Garden Seed, New Gloucester ME https://www.superseeds.com/

This low-key Maine seed company has a great selection for the home vegetable gardener.  Seeds are inexpensive–$1.45–1.95 a pack.    Fast shipping, good customer service and like I said, an unbeatable selection.  If I see a variety in a big glossy catalog that I can’t do without, I always check Pinetree First.   Chances are they have it for less money.   Most of my vegetable and herb seeds come from this wonderful little company.  They also have  a nice selection of flower seeds–but nothing like the Fragrant Path.   (Note: their web site is pretty clunky–best to fill out the paper order and send it in.) 

3) Tomato Growers Supply http://www.tomatogrowers.com/ 

Pinetree didn’t offer my favorite tomato –Sweet Chelsea–but I found it on-line at this Florida company.  Great web site, selection, and yes, you can can buy on-line.  I not only did they have my Sweet Chelsea, I found some interesting  hybrids developed with our own NC State.   Always good to buy tomatoes that are suited to our humid Southern climate. 

So the mail man (who carried all those catalogs to the box) just carried the last of my seed orders away.  I’m done.  Can’t wait to start growing for Spring.  I’ll keep you posted.

And if you have favorite seed sources–please share.